How do I place an order?

We have the simplest and easiest 2 step order process. Our website is user friendly and does require simple few clicks as below.

Please watch 3 quick videos each about 2 minutes to get idea about your face shape, Reading Rx prescription, Measuring Pupillary Distance (PD) ,Frame measurement etc.

Your face shape quick video 1               link

Reading Rx prescription  quick video 2  link

Measurement of PD  quick video 3        link

Frame Measurement quick video 4        link

1.   Click “Premium Quality Eyeglasses" category on  top horizontal bar of the website. link

2.    You will find checkboxes for “Shopping For”, “Your Face Shape” and  “Frame Sze” on the left side of the webpage screen . Check boxes as applicable. Link         

 ‘REFINE SEARCH “ button just below the left hand side checkboxes.

You will find all the most suitable frames for your face shape filtered list on the screen.

Once you found the best fit for your personality. Click add to cart and complete the options  of your choice for color. glasses type, glass coatings.


We will take care of the rest.

Please refer to our website for more information or contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

Where can I get my prescription?

From your eye care professional, likely an optician or optometrist. They are required to provide you with your prescription following an eye exam in Canada and USA. Make sure PD (Pupillary Distance) is mentioned on the prescription. If not watch our how to videos.

How is eyeglasses at eyeglassescanadausa.com are so inexpensive?

Please refer to our website for the chart of our business method. In short, we cut out the middlemen and retail costs while maintaining excellence. We complete all manufacturing under one roof and never cut corners on quality.

Can I change my prescription or other option/s once order is placed? What should I do?

Our customer service team can fix your prescription as long as you reach out to us in a timely manner. send an email to Sales@eyeglassescanadusa.com and let us know how we can help you with your order. Make sure to have the order number ready before contacting us. Please refer to our Contact Us page for more info.


Can I order glasses with non-prescription lenses?

Off course YES, when you enter Lens information (SPH/CYL/AXIS/ADD as 0.00) your order will be treated as “Non-Prescription Lens order). You can still select other features like lens type, coating etc. of your choice.

Do you offer kid's frames?

We sure do. Please select “Kids” check box in the left hand side first check box “Shopping For “ You will find best latest Kids frames.

Do you offer glasses that turn into sunglasses outdoors?

Yes, we do. We offer photochromic lenses. First select your eyeglasses frames and follow the options when you add the frame to cart. When you select lens, we will find an option for photochromic lens. Contact us for any questions.

Do bifocals or progressive lenses have any limitation/s?

For bifocals, frames must be at least 28mm. Progressive lenses require a lens height of 30mm.If your existing lens glass width is smaller than the required ones, please increase the glass width to accommodate new glasses. Let us know for any questions.

How do I measure my frames?

Knowing the right measurement for your frames is important when shopping for glasses online. Check the inside of the temple arm and there should be some numbers there. These numbers are your frame measurements. Check out our video tutorial on how to videos the first tab on our website Link, so you can be sure you’re selecting glasses that fit you best.

If you can no longer read the numbers on the inside of your frame, you can always try measuring by hand. Just remember, when measuring frame width, you need to measure from temple screw to temple screw. For temple length, you need to measure from the temple screw to the temple tip. All measurements should be in millimeters(mm)..

What kind of frames are sold at EGCU?

EGCU offers quality lenses that are checked for perfection at every step of our manufacturing process. We all types of frames to fit your style and budget. We have the easiest users friendly fully secured with SSL website which helps our thousands of customers all over the world to place an order in less than 5 minutes.

Can I order lenses that are both color tinted and photochromic?

Unfortunately, not. Due to the way basic color tint and photochromic are applied, they cannot be applied to the same lens and you must choose one or the other.

Can I buy the frames alone?

Yes we do, but you need to select frame type accordingly to get free shipping.


Can I track my order?

Off course YES.

How long do I have to wait for my glasses after I have ordered them?

Your order will be delivered within 7 - 14 business days. Your glasses will usually reach you faster, but may take the full 14 business days depending on the complexity of your prescription and the package you selected. Please select express shipping at extra cost option if you need glasses reach you early.

What shipping methods do you offer?

For Canada customers we select Canada Post shipping service. For US customers, we offer USPS and UPS Next Day Air services. Please note, UPS Next Day Air means your glasses will arrive the next day once manufacturing has been completed and they have been shipped.

For UK customers, we offer DHL service.

For Australian customers, we offer the Australia Post service. For other countries, we offer DHL service as well.

For all other countries, we will select the best option available at reasonable cost.